The 10 Cheapest Formula 1 Races To Attend (By Ticket Price) - Motorsport Rundown (2023)

It is every F1 fan’s dream to attend a live race weekend in living colour. Races only come around once a year, so watching the spectacle in person is on the bucket list of every motorsport fan. But F1 is a pricey sport, and tickets are not cheap if you want the whole Formula 1 experience. However, if you’re really interested in attending a Grand Prix on a low budget, then this article is perfect for you! We will be covering the ten cheapest races to attend on the F1 calendar (as of 2022).

Note: This list does not take into account plane tickets or hotel prices. This is solely based on the prices of tickets at each circuit for the whole race weekend. Prices will be presented in GBP (£) and USD ($).

10. Belgium Grand Prix – £131 ($168)

The 10 Cheapest Formula 1 Races To Attend (By Ticket Price) - Motorsport Rundown (1)

Spa-Francorchamps is a historic track on the Formula 1 calendar and is also one of the most popular tracks to attend for fans. That is not a surprise with the tickets available for a circuit that is the centrepiece of a very special place in Belgium.

General admission for the Belgian Grand Prix starts at £131 for 3 days and gives fans multiple viewing areas to set camp. Although long hill climbs on unpaved paths are involved for most of these viewing spots, Spa is probably the best track on the calendar in terms of giving fans with general admission the best seats around the circuit.

The only issue with general admission tickets at Spa is the overcrowding in some areas. But if you have extra cash to spend on a grandstand seat, then a silver grandstand ticket may be an option for you.

9. French Grand Prix – £125 ($163)

The 10 Cheapest Formula 1 Races To Attend (By Ticket Price) - Motorsport Rundown (2)

Although the French Grand Prix is notorious for being a pain to travel into due to limited roads and large traffic during the race weekend, tickets to watch F1 at Paul Ricard come at some good prices.

General admission tickets are available at £125 for the weekend, with several areas around the track to set up shop and watch the action from. Children between 6 and 16 years are able to get into Paul Ricard at a discounted price, while children under 6 get in free of charge.

If you opted for a grandstand, then don’t be surprised if you are seated far away from the actual circuit. This is because the large infamous blue and red runoff areas cause seating to be at a good distance from the track.

Overall, the French Grand Prix can be a great weekend away in the summery Marseille weather and is one of those European races that fans like to travel to.

8. Spanish Grand Prix – £121 ($158)

The 10 Cheapest Formula 1 Races To Attend (By Ticket Price) - Motorsport Rundown (3)

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is a fan favourite when it comes to attending the Grand Prix, and it is no surprise with the ticket prices on offer.

General admission for the weekend costs £121 and gives some of the best viewings on the F1 calendar at such a low price. Most viewing areas are on a raised embankment so you are easily able to sit down and get a full view of the action on track. TV screens are also dotted around the general admission zones, so fans can keep up to date with what is happening around the track.

The general admission tickets also allow access to ‘free Friday, where fans are able to access any of the grandstands that day. There is a lot available with just a general admission ticket, and grandstand tickets are not expensive either. Grandstand tickets start at £207, so those willing to spend some extra money to get a guaranteed seat for the weekend won’t need to fork out too much.

For what it is worth, the Spanish Grand Prix provides a memorable few days for every fan in attendance. It is certainly one of the best tracks on the calendar to attend if you are on a budget, especially with cheap hotels available in Barcelona that are located close to the circuit.

7. Canadian Grand Prix – £113 ($147)

The 10 Cheapest Formula 1 Races To Attend (By Ticket Price) - Motorsport Rundown (4)

Moving out of Europe and into North America, there is no doubt that Canada is the cheapest Grand Prix to attend on the continent. The beautiful circuit is surrounded by the city of Montreal, and tickets to watch the Canadian Grand Prix come at some decent prices.

General admission tickets for the race weekend cost £113, but there are a few catches to this. Firstly, general admission areas do not give the greatest of views to watch the racing. This is due to the grandstands being prioritised by the circuit for the best viewing spots on the circuit, leaving just the straights for those in general admission, meaning you spend an awful lot of time watching F1 cars disappear within a split second.

Another problem is the overcrowding in general admission. The very few good spots to watch the racing are packed full of fans, leaving many with an unpleasant time fighting for a view of the track. Getting to the track early is a must if you want to make the most of a general admission ticket.

Although general admission tickets are cheap to watch the Canadian Grand Prix, a grandstand seat is a way to go to really secure a good view of the circuit. But if you are able to plan your race weekend with a general admission ticket in advance, you will certainly benefit from doing so.

6. Australian Grand Prix – £105 ($135)

The 10 Cheapest Formula 1 Races To Attend (By Ticket Price) - Motorsport Rundown (5)

If you’re looking for a trip Down Under, then the Australian Grand Prix should be on your bucket list. Tickets come at a decent price, with a 4-day ‘park pass’ available at around £105, and allow access to any of the general admission areas around the circuit.

Australia is known to be one of the better circuits on the calendar that offers good viewing with general admission tickets and is not too far from the centre of Melbourne. Of course, you have to take into account the cost of flights into Australia if you were to attend the Australian Grand Prix, but the experience is worth it.

Children 14 and under also get in free with an adult, making an outing to the Grand Prix very family-friendly for those attending, and there are a lot of activities around the track that can entertain the kids whilst there are no cars on the track.

The only downfall with some of the general admission areas is the lack of TV screens in view to keep up with the action. But if you are looking for a grandstand seat to counteract that problem, then you’re in luck! Grandstand tickets at Albert Park are one of the cheapest on the calendar, with the most expensive grandstand ticket coming in at just £342 ($444).

Australia is a brilliant place to go on holiday, and the Australian Grand Prix should be on the checklist if you’re planning to visit the country, especially with the prices of the tickets available.

5. Italian Grand Prix – £89 ($114)

The 10 Cheapest Formula 1 Races To Attend (By Ticket Price) - Motorsport Rundown (6)

We now move into those tracks with just double-digit prices, and Monza is known to be a classic track offering great prices for race day.

A 3-day race weekend costs £89, making the Italian Grand Prix one of the most affordable race weekends on the calendar. It also causes Monza to be a very popular track to attend for F1 fans. This is why it is recommended that you show up early to get a good viewing spot to watch the racing.

The Italian Grand Prix also offers ‘free Friday’ for general admission fans in attendance, giving fans a chance to find a grandstand seat to watch the Free Practice sessions that day. But even without a grandstand, Monza offers many good views of the track with a general admission ticket, as long as you get there early.

The track itself is easy to get to, especially with it being close to Milan, meaning you won’t have to spend too much if you’re on a budget that weekend.

Tickets are available at a discounted price until May 31st, so if you’re looking to attend this historic circuit, then act fast to secure your tickets to the Italian Grand Prix!

4. Emilia Romagna Grand Prix – £83 ($108)

The 10 Cheapest Formula 1 Races To Attend (By Ticket Price) - Motorsport Rundown (7)

Staying in Italy for this next one, the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix returned to the F1 calendar in 2020 and provides another great European race with cheap prices to attend.

£83 will get you a three-day general admission ticket, and there are a lot of areas to view the track. You do have to bear in mind that the weather is known to be unpredictable at times, so make sure you come prepared for some rainy days at Imola. Even most grandstands are uncovered at the circuit, so if you’re looking for a cheap grandstand ticket at the circuit, then also be prepared for a situation like this.

Another note is that children under 12 get into the venue at a 50% discount, so don’t be surprised if you have to pay a bit more for your family to attend the race. After seeing the race weekend last week, I think many people will be checking out the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in 2023 to try and secure some early tickets.

3. Austrian Grand Prix – £80 ($104)

The 10 Cheapest Formula 1 Races To Attend (By Ticket Price) - Motorsport Rundown (8)

The Austrian Grand Prix has been a very popular track in recent years, especially with the rise of Max Verstappen welcoming the ‘Orange Army’ to the grandstands.

But the Red Bull Ring is rightfully popular with what it offers for those on a budget. 3-day general admission costs £80, and the hilly terrain around the track offers fans an amazing panoramic view of the track from many parts of the circuit. You may be lucky to see a TV screen in a general admission area, but the view enough should please any F1 fan.

Children under 14 get into the circuit free of charge, and ‘free Friday’ also applies to this circuit, only adding to the positives of the Austrian Grand Prix.

If you’re looking to purchase a 3-day grandstand ticket, then prices are not too expensive either. There is an option to purchase a hopping grandstand ticket at different tiers, starting at silver and rising up until platinum, allowing fans to view the action from a different grandstand every day.

If you live in Europe, then the Austrian Grand Prix is one of the best tracks to attend on a budget. The atmosphere is electric and is another reason why you have to attend the race just to take experience it.

2. Hungarian Grand Prix – £72 ($94)

The 10 Cheapest Formula 1 Races To Attend (By Ticket Price) - Motorsport Rundown (9)

The cheapest European race award goes to the Hungaroring, and deservedly so with the price of a general admission ticket.

A 3-day ticket costs £72, and it is even cheaper if you manage to buy the tickets early with the early bird discount. It is an incredible price for a Formula 1 race, but of course, there are pros and cons to the general admission area.

The general admission area is far away from the track, but you are still able to get a decent view of the circuit. Luckily, TV screens are also dotted in view of the general admission area, giving fans a chance to see all the action around the circuit.

If you are looking for a grandstand ticket for the weekend, then tickets do not come that expensive either. In fact, the cheaper grandstand tickets are even cheaper than other general admission tickets, showing just how cheap the Hungarian Grand Prix is to attend.

Overall, the Hungarian Grand Prix is available to attend at an absolutely amazing price and should be on every F1 fan’s plans if you’re hoping to attend an F1 race on a budget.

1. Japanese Grand Prix – £61 ($78)

The 10 Cheapest Formula 1 Races To Attend (By Ticket Price) - Motorsport Rundown (10)

The historic Suzuka circuit comes in as the cheapest Formula 1 race on the current calendar, and general admission areas at the track are very good in comparison to the price of a 3-day ticket.

A 3-day general admission costs just a staggering £61 and allows fans to watch the action from multiple viewpoints around the Spoon corner and the legendary 130R.

A great plus to the general admission areas is the multiple grandstands available for those in that area, which are unreserved and available all weekend. Suzuka also implements ‘free Friday’, meaning fans can sit in any grandstand except the more expensive ones for Friday practice.

Tickets are also available at a discounted price for 16 to 23-year-olds, encouraging younger fans to attend the Grand Prix, while children under 15 can get in at just £22 for the weekend, which further cements the Japanese Grand Prix’s status as the cheapest F1 race on the calendar.


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